5 Advantages of Sitting Still

Benefits of Sitting Still

There is he that runs about and achieves less and there is he that sits still and achieves much – Anonymous

5 advantages of sitting still? What a title! But wait a minute, if you will take a while to read this, you will agree that what you need right now is not another stress, it is actually stillness. Man loves the hard-work even though he was created into the rest day, to rest. Have you ever tried sitting still for an hour before? I don’t mean the type you do when you are relaxing, watching your favorite TV series or the newspaper, I mean the type you do when you just seclude yourself from the world, go to a quiet place and just sit – no thoughts, not dreams, no imaginations, nothing.

You will agree with me that only a few have tried that before. Where is the time anyway? We are busy from 8AM to 5PM and when you manage to beat the traffic to get home, we just want to eat and get a good night sleep, only to resume the same process the following day. This is what our parents did till they died. They passed it on to us and we have infused it into our relationships and family too. This is not so good really.

Have you ever tried staying still? You should try it. It has health benefits. You will also discover marvelous things that you won’t ever discover when you are busy. The world is crazy really. There is stress everywhere. There is the work stress and there is the relationships and family stress. There is stress everywhere! However, in the midst of all this, we have got to help ourselves. Life expectancy is dropping daily because of the many stresses but there are little things we could do for ourselves to help improve the quality of our lives. One of them is sitting still.

There is Power in Sitting Still! I am about to show you the 5 advantages of sitting still. Apart from helping to clear your mind and ease your stress, you can also meet with the divinity and discover the immense resources available to your spiritual self.

There is an unusual power in sitting still, doing nothing, just musing and meditating. Now I don’t mean it like the Yoga kind of meditating, I mean it like the literal meditating, freeing your minds from the issues of life and just beholding nature and the beauty of life. I have tried this a couple of times. I will just sit out there and behold the beautiful clouds. Try this on a sunny day and you will see the beauty of life that will make the world look ugly to you. Indeed, this world is ugly – we made it ugly by ourselves.

By sitting still, there are couple of advantages which are both mental and physical. The benefits are what I will share with you right away.

  1. Reduction of Stress

There is already too much stress in the world. There is nothing you can do about that but you can decide not stress yourself out always. You can do this by being quiet.  While you are sitting still, your body’s stress response is shut down while relaxation and calmness faculties swing in and take full control. This will help to lower general body stress, reduce adrenaline levels and blood cholesterol, which also strengthens your immune system and helps to build resistance to diseases and illnesses. If you could just set up 10 minutes daily to sit still in a quiet place, your life quality will increase greatly.

  1. A Sharper and More Concentrated Mind

Nothing boosts the brain chemistry more than silence. Just shut the noise out and see. Anytime I lift up my eyes to behold the clouds, somehow clarity comes to my mind. I also find an easy way to concentrate on what is more important. Now you do not need to look at the clouds when you are sitting still, you could just be there. Shut your minds off everything. This will help to improve your critical thinking ability and make you more effective in problem solving. This is one secret that great think-tanks employ. Word has it that past great scientists like Albert Einstein, had a dark laboratory room where they do nothing but just sit still to think. Most of their inventions came out of these hours of sitting still. Here is a secret, you can never do well by only keeping busy doing something always, you have got to make time to be alone.

  1. Improved Creativity

Your mind is the center of creativity. If it is compromised, your creativity will be hampered greatly and what compromises the mind more than too much useless thinking? Too much thinking strangulates creativity. All the great men and women of old and of present, who have done great things and are doing great things, are people who know how to shut down the thought’s marketplace. By shutting down your mind’s business, you activate some deeper creative energies which will be free to flow. Let’s just say, when you are busy thinking about this and that, there is traffic jam in your mind and only sitting still can help to ease the traffic so that creativity can flow.

  1. Freedom from Self-Destructive Habits and Patterns

Do you know that your mind, on a good day produces over 60,000 thoughts? Do you know that 85% of these thoughts are the same as the ones you had yesterday? You probably didn’t know that. You may not know but most of our behaviours and feelings are born from our thoughts. Therefore it is valid to say that most of the things we do and how we feel are pre-programmed by our thoughts. If you therefore cannot quiet your mind by sitting still, you will not be able to escape some habits and patterns that you know are destructive. Quietness actually requires a great deal of control. Initially it’s going to be hard but as you keep at it, it gets better. Get back in control of your thoughts. Let your thoughts do your bidding, not you doing what your thoughts speak.

  1. Peace from Deep Within

You probably think you have peace when you have accomplished all you want to at the end of the day. But that’s not peace, it’s pretty more like satisfaction. True peace doesn’t come from accomplishment, peace is given to the quiet mind. It is actually a part of nature but is mostly locked down because of our many ‘mindactivity’. Learning to be quiet helps us to find greater peace. Why do you think Jesus retreats from the crowd and his disciples to be alone on the mountains? There are secrets you will never unlock, there are health advantages of sitting still you will never know, there is peace you will never find, until you have found the strength to sit still. The Bible says “Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew…” There is renewal in sitting still.

So cut off all the work. Give yourself some time daily. Sit and just breathe. It’s not a time to reflect on anything. Just stare. If you can stay closer to nature, like the beach side, the garden, or just look up into the clouds; its better. Whatever you do, make sure you do it in a lone place where there can be no distraction. You will be amazed at what you can find.


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