Are All Men Really Same?

Are All Men Really Same

“All men are the same!” I have heard many women say this. We should ask them “Have you tried them all?” I agree that some of them have come to believe this out of experience but many more just heard it and adopted it. Are all men really same? Please note that in this context “same” refers to unfaithfulness, infidelity, womanizing and whatever you want to call it. Now, I am not out here to defend the men folk, I believe every man should answer for himself but really, I think it’s outrageous to think every man is the same. The fact that all men pee while standing up doesn’t mean we have the same desires and do the same things.

All Men Don’t Grow Up In the Same Home

The home is a major determinant of what a man becomes in life. While this is not an absolute statement for every situation and as such may not apply in all situations, but for the most part, the bulk of the things we are today are from the kind of home we grew up in. It has been proven that the bulk of what we act out when we are grown are learnt between our 1st day on earth and age 12 or thereabout. If a man is a cheater today, he probably learnt it somehow from home. If the parents, siblings or relatives never cheated, it may be hard for the child to pick that up. Yes, I know some pick these things up later in life but seriously, the chances are not as high as when it was learnt at home.

All Men Don’t Have the Same Friends

Show me your friends and I will show you who you are. Our friends are a tangible part of our lives. If you have a friend who is a thief, and you are really close, it’s either you fight and break the friendship or you become a thief too. If you have a friend who loves women and cheats, chances are that you will join in. If a man doesn’t have such friends, it becomes hard for him to suddenly wake up to decide to be unfaithful in his relationships.

All Men Are Not Same, You Just Happen to Attract the Same Kind

Paul Hudson on Elite Daily feels that only women who attract the same kind of men believe all men are the same and I agree totally. If you have been involved with the caring and the brute, the loving and the inconsiderate, the giver and the stingy, the faithful and the unfaithful, you will agree that not all men are same. Most of the times though, by virtue of who you are or the kind of aura around you, you may attract the same kind of guys which may make you quickly assume that all men are the same.

All Men are Not Same, All Boys Are

You need to understand the distinction between a man and a boy, for the most part. Boys cheat all the time because all they think about is sex. They are hardly romantic or genuine and when they are, it is just to get what they want. They hardly have future plans, they live in the now. They will hardly discuss weightier matters, they are more about pleasures of the moment. They want the easy and the available and are therefore hardly committed when they can’t have it their way. Men are hardly this way. If I man tells you he is taking you out, he means it. If he says he thinks you are wonderful, then he means it. If he promises and didn’t keep it, then there has got to be a reason.

“All men” in most cases means the men you have known in your life. It will be unfair to account for men you have never had a relationship with or have interacted with. To judge a man you have just met by the ones you have known is unfair both to yourself and to the man.

I have written this article to disabuse the mind of the women out there who because of their experiences with men have assumed that all men are the same and as such have refused to open their hearts to wonderful men who are coming around them. If all the men you have been with are wrong, then you need to do a deep study on why you are attracting the wrong set of men.


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