Do I Have to Cook As A Woman?

Do I have to cook as a woman

Food is one human basic need, it is immaterial to start stating its importance. The other day at the mall, I overheard some ladies boldly saying they cannot cook, one of the ladies was like “Do I have to cook as a woman? Gosh! How will I just confine myself to the kitchen in the heat and spoil my nicely polished nails all in the name of cooking, I had better eat out!” The other lady was also like “Seriously! You get the point. When you can easily buy food, then why the stress of making it? My future husband should love me for me not cause of food! I am a lady, not a cook”

I smiled to myself. Seriously at this age and time, some ladies can boldly say they cannot cook when the male folks are even chefs nowadays? I can’t even wrap my mind around that. Don’t get me wrong, I am not an advocate for the male folks but truth be told, cooking is more of a lady’s duty than that of the guy. I, being a Nigerian where our ethics and culture depicts so, strongly concur with it. So do I have to cook as a woman? I believe I have to.

If you have a husband that can cook, you are blessed. That is a bonus for you. The way the family is structured, more often than not, the woman gets to spend more time with the kids than the man, so if you hate to cook as a woman, that means your kids are going to have to be eating out or better still wait for their dad to return to come and cook before the whole family eats; and that is not so cool. For real, the fact that your husband can cook should even drive you to learn how to cook as a woman. There are no excuses for not knowing how to cook or not wanting to.

Ladies, for real, how hard can cooking be? Just the way you can spend time learning a new face beat in town, spend hours in front of a mirror to make your face up, spend hours in the saloon to get your hair done, you can also spend time to learn how to cook! Agreeably, you are “a lady not a cook” so who is the cook?  If everybody is like you then there won’t be an eatery for you to eat out! Let’s face the truth here, everything is not about beauty, a woman is an embodiment of talents, we can do so many things; that’s why we are special.

A few years back, we hosted a family. When it was time to eat the kids were super excited; they were eating passionately and hurriedly so much that I was forced to ask the little girl to take it cool. Her reply was rather shocking and embarrassing. She was like “I have to eat this up and refill my plate, it’s been a while we took a homemade dish! The last time we did, daddy made it since mommy doesn’t know how to!” Everybody was stunned and the girl ate on innocently. You can imagine how embarrassed her mum was, we ended up packing some for her and her brother as souvenir. The joy in her eyes was great to behold. So if you are still asking, “Do I have to cook as a woman?”, then I suggest you put yourself in the shoes of that poor little girl. If you were the mum, I bet you will not be so proud of yourself.

Ladies who feel “am not my husband’s cook” can you at least be their children’s cook? Some families have been broken because the men run into the open arms of a single lady out there who cooks deliciously as opposed to the horrible cooking of their wives. There are just too many complexities that surround not knowing or not wanting to cook as a woman. There is way too much at stake. Some husbands have turned their offices to their home because there is nothing luring them home. They buy food to eat at their offices since that is what they will still do at home.

You don’t always need great sex and good looks to keep your husband. Hellooooooo……there are thousands and one single and seriously searching ladies out there ready to take catering classes if that is what it takes to get a man. A popular adage says “The way to a man’s heart is his stomach”. Fine, you got your man (husband) without culinary skills, but you do need to step up your game! Getting a man is something, keeping him is another! I am not saying good homemade food is the key to keeping your man but it can be part of it.

Do I Have to Cook As A Woman? Here’s Why

Apart from cooking for your man or family, homemade food saves you money and it’s healthier. Cooking yourself will help you stay in control of what you eat. It will also help you watch your weight too, (for weight conscious people). It will reduce occurrence of stomach disorders like frequent stooling, constipation and the likes and you can save yourself a whole lot of trouble just by making your food yourself.

Cooking time is also a bonding time for women and their children. While cooking, you engage them and show them things. You get to tell them stories of when you were their age. They find it easier to relax around you, and really, these are the times your kids get to tell you things you probably wouldn’t have known through other means. This is my mum’s trick and it really does work! This is one way to make parenting easier for you.

Ladies….. Aunties and mommies how hard can cooking be? Let’s give it a try today, you will be shocked how much recipes you can learn from Google and Youtube.



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