Healthy Family Practices – Staying Healthy

Healthy Family Practices

Have you ever wondered why some families are just on top of their game, looking healthy and doing very well in their various areas of endeavors? If you asked specialists and experts in the area of family health, you will be told that families who focus on healthy family practices together stay healthy together. Healthy family practices are those simple things you can do together as family to keep the spirit, soul and body in their right shape all the time.

Pray Together

I know you have heard this saying a million times, let me say it once more “A Family that prays together, stay together!” and I dare add “…they progress together!” Praying together helps families bond. It helps us to know that there is a higher power that is in control of things and we can do our best while trusting God to help us when we are incapable.

family praying together
Family Praying Together

Set some time apart every morning to pray to God for his guidance and you will see miracles happen when you least expected.

Eat Together

Many families today don’t get to eat together. The father probably comes late from work. The kids probably got hungry and have eaten and even fallen asleep by the time daddy got back. There are many variables that come to combat the concept of eating together as a family but I believe, decisively, even if not always, something can be worked out to make it happen. You can have special dinners together on weekends or set aside special days when everyone must be at the dining table by the set time.

healthy family pray together
Healthy Family Eat Together

Eating together helps family bonding. Sometimes, it is where you learn about what has happened during one another’s day. It is one of the most valuable healthy family practices

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is costly and time consuming. To eat healthy is to eat the right food in the right quantity at the right time. Interestingly, the right time may be when you have this important client at work who can’t wait and so you have to starve for longer. Also, the right food might be just too far out of reach and so you have to make do with junk for the moment. Eating healthy is therefore not piece of cake, it takes an intentional decision to make it work. In a world where junk is as accessible as a snap of the finger and the real healthy foods are mostly too far out of reach, or not readily available, it takes more to eat healthy.

healthy family eat healthy
Healthy Family Eat Healthy

So take your time to plan your meals for you and for your kids. Get supplies for everyone’s meal for at least a week. In cases where meals cannot be accessed at work, make sure you pack everyone’s meal so that they can take them along. This way, eating healthy becomes easier.

Exercise Daily

Exercising daily ensures that your body is in the right condition, fit for every day. Things could get busy and finding enough time to exercise may be hard at times. That’s why I will recommend 20 to 30 minutes daily. Also, there are exercises you can do indoors, which does not really require you go to the gym, except if you have the gym right there in your home. To make it even more fun, get every member of the family involved. Getting your children to form this habit at an early age will ensure they continue all through life and it will help them a great deal.

healthy family exercise
Healthy Family Exercise

Exercising will help to keep your bones and muscles in shape, reducing visits to the hospital.

Regulate What Your Kids Eat

As parents, you have got to be in charge of your kids’ diet. Keep them away from junk as much as possible. This can really be tough but it’s a decision that has to be made in everyone’s best interest. One way of making this easy for you as a parent is to never bring junk home. If you keep bringing chips, cookies and all kinds of fries home, it will be hard for you to tell them not to eat and the more you try to warn them, the more they will crave it. This will not have to happen if you don’t expose them to it in the first place.

Play Together As Often As You Can

I would have advised that you play every day together but that may not be possible, considering the tight life schedule we have. What I am however sure of is the possibility of playing with your family at least once in a week. Playing with your kids and your spouse helps you to stay young. While you are at it running around the yard sweating, throwing ball or pillows at one another, giggling and laughing hard at the stupid things you are doing, miracles are happening in your life and bodies that nothing else but relaxation brought about by play can only make happen.

Your kids will love this. They will feel your presence as a parent, your involvement with the little things that matter to them. Who knows, you might even learn one or two things from them at play. This is one of the valuable healthy life practices all parents should adopt.

Read Together

healthy family read
Healthy Family Read

A reading mind is an active mind. You probably read a lot as parent but do your kids read too? If they don’t, it’s time to get them involved. Set a goal together. When your kids are done, do a review with them to find out what they have learnt. These are cultures that will help them grow up to be sound minds wherever they find themselves in life.

Relax Together

You can all lie down outside and watch the sunset in silence. Engage your imaginations without the noise of thoughts or daily work. Do this with your kids, teach them the 5 advantages of sitting still. It will help them as they grow up to learn to retreat and recoup.

There are many more healthy family practices you can add to the ones above for your family, you can tailor-make them to suit your type of family. These practices will ensure that you have less to worry about in the future for you, your spouse and your kids.



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