Dare to Be Different in Your Relationships

dare to be different

Have you ever wondered why people tend to hate people who tend to go the other way, just opposite where the whole world goes, if you have, then you will probably have come to understand that the world hate people who dare to be different. This is the same reason why many people would just blend in – so that they will not have to deal with the opposition and the strife that comes with daring to be different.

Everyone, even the craziest man in the whole world wants people to see things the way they see it and it is not realistic, variety is the spice of life they say but we hate this variety in people. I have come to understand in my little time on the earth that people who dare to be different are often hated but they are they ones become world changers, great people who are later envied and loved by all.

I remember when I was still in school, we used to hate people who read too much. We hate them because they shine the light on our ‘unseriousness‘ and laziness. So we do everything in the world to make them feel what they are doing is wrong. But when these guys that we hate come out tops in class, we tend to wanna be friends with them because of this. Who does not want a winner for a friend.

So don’t be scared when the world hates you, you need to stand tall and stand different. Hold on to your beliefs and don’t waiver. If you can be strong enough to hold on to them, these same beliefs of yours will be what will make you a hero later on in life that everyone will want to be like. Sometimes in your relationships and family life, you will not share popular opinion with friends and some of them are going to look at you as if you are the fool. But its okay, as long as you are convinced you are doing the right thing. If you decide to play the fool so that your marriage can work, its okay. If you decide you are not going to play the fool because that’s what works, it’s still okay. Whatever you do, do it because it is right, not because it is what everyone thinks is right.

Stand tall today, dare to be different, don’t bother when they tell you that you are a loser and that you are going nowhere, hold on to your beliefs and be strong and you will be surprised at where you will land eventually.

Be encouraged today, find motivation and inspiration in God even as you do what He says to do. Remember we said the last time, It is God’s report we will believe and not what men had said.

This is the word for today. May it bring health and live, inspiration and motivation to you today.


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